919 N Swords Ave - Peoria, IL

We provide the entertainment and delicious assortment of food for the entire family while you focus on what is the most important - family time!


10AM - 9PM
(No Unsupervised Minors after 6PM)

10 person package deal:
5 Rides + 1 Mini Golf

30 person package deal:
2 hours UNLIMITED Rides! $20.00/person

7pm - 9pm
$20 per person
Unlimited Rides and Golf

Peoria’s Playground Since 1963

Group Packages

Evening Special

Only $5 Per Ride

Why have another afternoon inside when Kartville is right down the street?

Kartville has a great go kart track,  mini-golf, bumper boats, batting cages, and everyone’s favorite dune buggies!  snacks and concessions are always available. 

you'll find everything you need for a day so jam-packed with fun it will keep you coming back for more!

Out of ideas for your next party? Cancel the clown and don't even think about cleaning up afterwards, because you're going to Kartville - the #1 destination for go-kart racing in central illinois!

Never suffer from boredom again!




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